Now accepting listings for 4th quarter 2013 sale……

The market remains strong, and with the arrival of our winter residents and guests I expect it to remain so. I do however expect a rise in interest rates sooner than later, which will affect the ability of all buyers to obtain loans. If you are interested in getting your home or land sold before a rise in interest rates disrupts our activity, please call me at 480-694-6356, or email at

Median home prices in metro Phoenix up 25% from one year ago!

More metro Phoenix homeowners may soon be able to sell for a profit, albeit a small one, as home prices in the region continue to rise

Continuing a distressed-market turnaround trend, the Phoenix, Ariz., metro took the No. 1 position on the list with a 23.5 percent jump from a year ago…

Continuing a distressed-market turnaround trend, the Phoenix-Mesa, Ariz., metro took the No. 1 position on the list with a 23.5 percent jump from a year ago

Investors buying homes by the dozens…………

As the greatest real-estate fire sale in the history of the United States rages on, the bulk buy is the dead hot deal of the moment. 

Rising rents are actually making homeownership more attractive…

Paying rent is getting more painful for renters across the country in the face of rising demand and tight supply.

Home prices dropped in November everywhere except….. Phoenix!

U.S. home prices fell for a third straight month in nearly all cities tracked by a major index. The declines show that most homeowners are not reaping the benefits from some signs of an improving housing market.

Pending Home Sales Continue to Rise……..

Pending home sales rose 7.3 percent in November and they were 5.9 percent the above November 2010 level……

Phoenix wage gains far outpace rest of West………….

Phoenix-area employee compensation is up 2.9 percent in the past year – the largest gain among major cities in the West.

Arizona banks shifting to short sales and away from foreclosures…..

After more than 175,000 foreclosures in metro Phoenix in the past several years, mortgage lenders in Arizona have done an about-face, approving a record number of short sales……….

The Wall Street Journal says “It’s Time to Buy That House.”

With both home prices and mortgage rates at record lows, is this the time to buy? The Wall Street Journal thinks so, ESPECIALLY in the Phoenix market! U.S. house prices have plunged by nearly a third since 2006……………